Transitioning your home from October to November


Now that Halloween is done, time to pack up the pumpkins and get out the Christmas decorations- right? WRONG!! Did someone just forget to tell Pier 1 about the best holiday of the year?? Don’t get me wrong, I love decorating for Christmas, but Thanksgiving will always be number one for me.


A simple, cheap and easy way to transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving is gold spray paint.



No need to get rid of all the fabulous pumpkins you gathered for the trick or treaters – just give them an elegant makeover for the pumpkin pie eaters!


Perky Painted Pumpkins


Ok yes – my blogging has slowed… or stopped rather. I confess, this idea of the balanced career woman isn’t as easy to master as I thought! But, balanced is the key word here; so while my career life has picked up (yey), I’m going to try and share some of my crafting and cooking adventures when I can. I blame Fall for this  blog resurrection.

I love Fall. I love fall decorations, I love fall cooking, I love fall weather, I love fall holidays,



My first inspiration this fall came from a photo I saw on – of painted pumpkins. I love the idea of carving pumpkins for Halloween – but in the end – it’s tedious, makes a mess and you have a rotten pumpkin in  24 hours. I’d prefer hang on to my pumpkin’s until Thanksgiving – so I chose to paint them this year!


I used the Queen’s acrylic craft paint (Martha Stewart) – in gold metallic, and black. And the easiest way to paint uniform polka dots is to use round sponges! I love using these when painting signs too.


Check out Southern Living for more pumpkin decorating ideas!

Pop of Color : Painting a Wood Dresser





Growing up with a mother from New York, and living there for quite some time myself, my favorite color to wear and pair is obviously: black. When I moved back to sunny California I realized my solely black and white room needed a pop of color! I found this old wooded dresser at a thrift store down the street and decided to transform it.

I simply removed the handles and sanded the whole thing down- drawers and all.


I picked out some Tiffany blue paint and painted two coats. To make it look a little shabby, and not so plastic, I took some sand paper to the outer molding. It was a little scary at first – but it was really worth it! After I was happy with the look,  I used a finishing spray to seal it all in.


Once it was all dry I put back the handles.  I kept the originals because I love the antique look – and I had to have a little black!


This entire project took me about 3 hours and completely brightened up my room!