Organizing Your Life One Drawer At a Time


Drawer separators are amazing. I found this one at Bed Bath and Beyond, and miraculously 3 of them fit perfectly into my vanity drawer!


Now that I can actually see what makeup I have,  I can get out of the house in the morning at least 10 minutes faster! Next drawer to organize is my kitchen accessories. For that drawer you can use drawer separators without compartments to hold longer items like wooden spoons.



Tools to Have Around the House


This pink tool box was one of the greatest high school graduation presents I got! I have used its contents countless times and don’t know what I would do without it. This is one accessory no woman should go without.

Here is my list of top ten tools to have around the house.


1. Hammer: Hanging up wall art and seasonal decor

2. Screw Drivers (Phillips and Flat-blade): Assembling furniture

3. Staple Gun: Hanging Christmas lights around your home or garden, reupholstering furniture and attaching curtain ties


4. Exacto Knife: Great for cutting tape when painting or tracing paper molds to hang a wall collage

5. Wrench: When you made a mistake and need to get that nail or screw out. Oops!

6. Drill: Hanging up curtains, shelves or building gardening boxes and other fun things


7. Pliers: Get a good grip on anything you can’t pull out with your bare hands

8. Sander and Sand Paper: For the crafty woman who likes to refinish furniture or to smooth out any rough surface


9. Nails and Hooks: To hang up wall art and seasonal decor – you’ll always need them.

10. Measuring Tape: FOR EVERYTHING! Measuring the perfect position while hanging wall art, making sure the furniture you liked at the store will fit into the space you have, laying out plans for your living room to space out everything perfectly. (I recommend a travel measuring tape as well to keep in your purse – just in case you find something you love on the go!)


You can get your own Pink Ladies Tool kit here :

The Garage Sale Guide


Spring is a perfect time to host a garage sale: the weather’s warm and you can clean out your home of things you haven’t touched in the last year – or ten! My friend Kelsey is an expert garage saleist and sent me this list of tips. I found it extremely helpful and thought I would pass on her advice!


1. SIGNS!! LOTS AND LOTS OF SIGNS! I’m putting this first for a reason. This is the #1 way people will find you.

o   Placement: I put them all the way up and down the busiest street near my house, in addition to our own street.

o   Hanging them: MUST use hammer and nails. Staple gun will NOT work. Don’t hang them until you are set up – people start coming immediately! I wait to hang them up at 7AM the morning of.

o   Making them: The best way to make them is with cardboard and craft paint. Keep them simple and consistent in color. Don’t really need address if you are good with the arrows. You could also put “at the end of (your street)”.

o    I always hang one up that says “Keep Going” so people didn’t think they are lost.


2. Post on Craigslist a week before the sale and again the day before. List as many things as you can. Post some pictures of some interesting/big items you have. You might get a few emails about you posting too.

3. Price as many items as possible. People like to see prices on things. You will sell more. I just printed out labels on the computer (.25, .50, $1, $2 etc.) and started sticking them on everything.

4. You will need help. People always have questions, need help with something or are “checking out” with their purchases. Plus, even when no one is there, you’ll need to keep things neat, which brings me to my next point…

5. Keep things neat and organized. One table for household items, one for kitchen, etc. This kind of stuff on the ground does not sell as well. And nothing in boxes sells. Spread things out. I put a sheet down and put all the shoes out on the sheet – same with purses.

6. Hang as many clothes as you can! I hung all the nice stuff and folded the rest (t-shirts, jeans) on round tables like in a retail store. I also had a sign that said the clothing prices so I did not have to mark each item, although some jackets etc. were priced individually if they were worth more. I also sold a ton of clothes by “bundling”. Tell people that you’ll give them a deal if they buy a few things.

7. Have paper and plastic bags for people’s purchases.

8. Speak up! If someone is looking at something and it appears they are interested, tell them “I’ll give that to you for $10!”

9. Candles melt in the sun.

10. People LOVE LOVE LOVE jewelry, but keep it close to you. People also steal jewelry. I always sell out of jewelry.


11. People buy everything. Don’t be afraid to put anything out there. I’m telling you….everything.

12. Use signs at the sale. I also put signs on the kitchen table “Set of Four Champagne glasses – $3” or “Set of 6 Coca-Cola Mugs – $5″

13. Start with some change. I always had a bunch of $1, $5 and quarters to start with. I wore an apron to keep the money organized and on me at all times. Then I just took $20s in the house as we collected more money so I didn’t have a ton in our pockets.

14. WATCH OUT FOR FAKE MONEY. If someone offers to buy something with $100 bill or even a bunch of $20s, don’t be afraid to check it. People use counterfeit money ALL THE TIME at garage sales.

15. Don’t be afraid to tell people NO if they are not willing to give you a fair price.

Hope these tips help you as much as they helped me! Thanks Kelsey!

The Not- So Temporary Bedside Table


Yep – a moving box. I moved into my apartment a year and a half ago. Didn’t have much furniture; had plenty of moving boxes. Fast forward to my current bedside table: still a moving box, but don’t tell anyone!


I found some great fabric (shocking – in back and white) at a local craft store and layered it over the box.


I love this fluer-de-lis pattern on the top fabric!  It almost makes this card board box look regal.


Voila! An instant bedside table. Honestly NO ONE who’s seen my room would ever guess that this was a moving box. I added a few personal items and was all done.


Hey, when I decide to move again, I’ll have one less box to buy!

Quest for the Perfect Cafe Table: Rose Bowl Flea Market



For the first time in my adult life I have a backyard! (well in reality a 3×6 foot balcony). But it’s just enough space for some flower boxes, herbs and potted tomato plants. What was missing was seating to enjoy it all.


I searched all the usual places: Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Craigslist – I wasn’t impressed. I fell in love with a perfect garden table at a store on Montana but it was $400. Finally I found this adorable metal cafe table and chairs at the famous Rose Bowl Flea Market for $100. Not cheap, but still a great deal.  It’s the perfect addition to my ‘backyard’.


This flea market is enormous. You can find vintage clothes, antique furniture, old records, estate sale jewelry – pretty much anything you could possible imagine. It’s open the second Sunday of the month. Don’t miss out this weekend! My next search will be for some cute upholstered stools to put by my fire place. I found this photo from – check it out for more information on the market.


I thought this lantern from Cost Plus World Market ( was a great accessory for the table. I can’t wait to have a dinner date out here on a warm spring night!

Pop of Color : Painting a Wood Dresser





Growing up with a mother from New York, and living there for quite some time myself, my favorite color to wear and pair is obviously: black. When I moved back to sunny California I realized my solely black and white room needed a pop of color! I found this old wooded dresser at a thrift store down the street and decided to transform it.

I simply removed the handles and sanded the whole thing down- drawers and all.


I picked out some Tiffany blue paint and painted two coats. To make it look a little shabby, and not so plastic, I took some sand paper to the outer molding. It was a little scary at first – but it was really worth it! After I was happy with the look,  I used a finishing spray to seal it all in.


Once it was all dry I put back the handles.  I kept the originals because I love the antique look – and I had to have a little black!


This entire project took me about 3 hours and completely brightened up my room!