IMG_8806I love working. But when I’m not working- I love putting on my apron or gardening gloves and transforming into that Hollywood-made, glamorous 1950’s housewife. While I feel more like a Lucile Ball than a perfect Susie homemaker – I find it so gratifying to make a good meal,  arrange freshly cut flowers and create little ways to make my home cozy. Yes, I’m not a wife (update – as of 2016 I am a wife now!!) . No, I don’t have a house (Still working on the house part…). But sometimes I wish life was just a little slower… at least I’ll try and make it look that way.

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  1. Emily says:

    Hi Kelly!

    I am the food editor at Buzzfeed and I would like to feature a photo from this post: https://wishiwereahousewife.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/cinco-de-mayo-margarita-bar/ on BuzzFeed in a roundup of fun ideas for DIY drink bars.

    Can you please let me know if that’s OK? I will include a proper photography credit and a prominent link back to your site. Thanks so much!

    Emily Fleischaker
    emily.fleischaker at buzzfeed dot com

  2. Angela Madera says:

    I want to be a housewife as well, thank you for creating this art that celebrates a traditional woman! Can’t wait to read more….

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