Spring Sandal Savings


I hate spending a lot of money on sandals. No matter how much you spend on them they will be dragged through sand, doused with sun tail oil, drenched in chlorine – ultimately meeting their demise at the end of every season. These three pairs are stylish and cheap!


Jessica Simpson Dusty Blush Jaqcui Flip Flops: I found these cute braided flip flops with rhinestones at Marshalls for under $30


Yellow Box Jessica Flip Flops: Nope these aren’t the $195 Tori Burch Sandals – but you could have fooled me!


Merona Emily Braided Strap Gladiator Sandal: My co-worker just grabbed this adorable pair at Target for her upcoming trip to Jamaica! I cannot believe they are just $15!

What are your favorite sandals this spring?

2 thoughts on “Spring Sandal Savings

  1. Marshalls, huh? Ah how the mighty fall. Just kidding, have loved the blog. I have no doubt you would make a much better housewife than me. What Andrew wouldn’t do for your cooking!

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