Quest for the Perfect Cafe Table: Rose Bowl Flea Market



For the first time in my adult life I have a backyard! (well in reality a 3×6 foot balcony). But it’s just enough space for some flower boxes, herbs and potted tomato plants. What was missing was seating to enjoy it all.


I searched all the usual places: Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Craigslist – I wasn’t impressed. I fell in love with a perfect garden table at a store on Montana but it was $400. Finally I found this adorable metal cafe table and chairs at the famous Rose Bowl Flea Market for $100. Not cheap, but still a great deal.  It’s the perfect addition to my ‘backyard’.


This flea market is enormous. You can find vintage clothes, antique furniture, old records, estate sale jewelry – pretty much anything you could possible imagine. It’s open the second Sunday of the month. Don’t miss out this weekend! My next search will be for some cute upholstered stools to put by my fire place. I found this photo from – check it out for more information on the market.


I thought this lantern from Cost Plus World Market ( was a great accessory for the table. I can’t wait to have a dinner date out here on a warm spring night!

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