Spring Cleaning! Polishing the Silver


Polishing sliver seems so far away to me, like it’s from another Downton Abbey-esk world. But sure enough it still needs to be done in 2013. I have three silver pieces in my home: a pitcher (from Napa Style  http://www.napastyle.com/), a little hand mirror and a cosmetic jar. I’ll be honest I probably polish them once a year, and today is that day.


ImageIt is definitely time.


My go to products are: Hagerty Silversmiths Polish, and Goddard’s Silver Polishing Cloth.  Both can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond.


Coat each silver piece generously with polish and let sit for a minute or two. Once it has dried, rub it off with the polishing cloth in back and forth motions, not circles. You can use a little muscle to really make it shine!


Silver may seem like a hard metal, but it is extremely delicate and can scratch easy. My first time polishing my pitcher I decided the rough side of a sponge would really make it shine, WRONG. I completely dulled the mid section which you can still see when you compare it to the nice shiny top. A soft sponge will do, but I would really recommend this polishing cloth.


This whole process took about 10 minutes. A small sacrifice to feel a little more fancy.

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