Classic Cocktails Inspired by Mad Men


It’s that time of year, the Mad Men season six premiere! The best way I could think to celebrate was to throw on some pearls and mix together classic cocktails with my fellow fans! My choice: The Old Fashioned and a Gimlet with a twist.



2 Maraschino Cherries

2 Slices of Orange

1 Sugar Cube

2 Dashes of Bitters

2 Ounces of Bourbon

Splash of Soda


First things first, picking out the right ingredients when making this cocktail can make a world of a difference. An old fashioned can be made with bourbon or rye. I chose Russell’s Reserve Bourbon, whiskey barrel-aged bitters and original Maraschino Cherries.


The Old Fashioned is traditionally made with a low ball glass. Place a sugar cube in the glass and coat it with bitters.


Toss in two cherries, two orange slices and muddle!


To finish add two ounces of bourbon, a splash of soda, a few ice cubes, and put on some cuff links. You are Don Draper.



I’m personally more a Betty Draper than a Megan Draper. I think Betty would approve of this reinvented Gimlet.



1 Cup of Sugar

1 Large Bunch of Basil

3 Tablespoons Gin

2 Tablespoons Fresh Lime Juice


A great thing to have when making cocktails is simple syrup. It’s easy to make and is the perfect way to sweeten up your drink without the graininess of regular sugar. To make, you just combine equal amounts of water and sugar on the stove at medium high. I used one cup or sugar and water, which is plenty for a few cocktails. Constantly stir until the sugar is completely transparent. Add a bunch of basil straight to the pot and remove from heat. Let the basil soak in the simple syrup for 20 minutes to an hour.


Yes, a traditional gimlet calls for Roses Lime Juice, and let me tell you after working as a waitress on the Upper East Side of New York for years, I know – the ladies who lunch want Roses. I disagree. Fresh Lime juice is amazing.


After you squeeze about two tablespoons of juice, it’s time to assemble. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add one tablespoon of the basil infused simple syrup, lime juice, three tablespoons of gin and shake! Garnish a martini glass with a basil leaf and pour.


These cocktails hit the spot and were a huge hit while watching the start of season six! Did you tune in? What’s your favorite classic cocktail?


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