Springtime Crawfish Boil!


My good friend Sarah and her hubby Dave used to live in New Orleans. When they made the move to Los Angeles they brought with them an annual crawfish boil! Her secret? Louisiana Craw Fish Company! http://www.lacrawfish.com/ She had over 100 lbs of live crawfish flown right to LAX from Louisiana the morning of the boil!


Sarah set up long folding tables in her back yard and covered them in adorable blue gingham plastic table cloths.


Dave was in charge of the boiling and manned the enormous stock pot. In addition to the crawfish, he threw in: corn, sausage, artichokes, lemons, whole potatoes, whole heads of garlic, onions and creole seasoning.


Once everything is cooked through, everyone gathered around the table as they poured out all the southern goodness.  And this was only round one of three!


Everything was so delicious and clean up is easy- just wrap up everything in the table cloth and throw away! They cleverly had loads of paper towels and hand sanitizer on hand, as things get a little messy and smelly.  Thank you Sarah and Dave for a wonderful party! (And an extra shout out to my friend Dan for some awesome photos)

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